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Jurassic Sharp Cheddar 5 Pound Block Special

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Milk Type: Cow
Age: 5+ Years
Texture: Semi-Hard
Suggested Wine Pairing: Cabernet Franc, Champagne, and Shiraz / Syrah
Suggested Beer Pairing: Pale Lager and Porter
Suggested Fruit Pairing: Apples, Grapes, and Pears
Suggested Meat Pairing: Chicken, Roast Beef and Turkey

This Cheddar is so sharp it crumbles! It’s said to have been around since the Jurassic Age, hence the name Jurassic Sharp. Carefully aged, this is the sharpest Cheddar we have available at Golden Age Cheese. If you’re a Cheddar connoisseur, this cheese is for you! Think you could resist temptation from devouring it today, and age it even longer? Order a 5 pound brick, save, and set some aside! Get FREE Shipping and handling plus use coupon GAC2018 for 18% off until January 14!

*This cheese is not black wax coated as shown in the picture

4 reviews for Jurassic Sharp Cheddar 5 Pound Block Special

  1. Holly W (verified owner)

    If you’ve got a hard core cheese lover on your gift-giving list–here’s the gift. She’ll remember you forever. Because of the bold flavor–a little goes a long way. This block could easily make 15+ lbs of mac and cheese. And it lasts forever in your fridge.

  2. Ledbel (verified owner)

    My mother and I each bought one of these and it’s very hard to stay away from–one of the best cheeses we have ever tasted.

  3. (verified owner)

    awesome cheese

  4. merick (verified owner)

    I ordered this on a whim, fantastic choice, great sharpness, the right amount of crumble and crystals, a taste treat sensation that brings me back for more.

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