About Different Types Of Cheddar Cheese

There are varieties of cheeses out there. The fame of cheese depends on the region. For instance, cheddar cheese is the most popular type of cheese in America. Unsurprisingly, there are different types of cheddar cheeses as well, such as Jurassic sharp cheddar and organic sharp cheddar variants. If you are curious to know about the different types of cheddar cheeses, read on.

Organic cheddar cheese

The major difference between cheddar cheese and other types of cheese is their difference in age. The age of organic cheddar cheese is between six months to one year. The older the cheddar cheese is, the better it will be.

Organic cheddar cheese that is older than one year has crumbly texture and pleasant flavor. The organic cheddar cheese is supposed to be made from 100% organic cow milk. In the opinion of cheese experts, cheddar cheese made out of organic milk tends to be richer, creamier and sharper. Organic cheddar cheese is certified by USDA (US Department of Agriculture).

Orange cheddar cheese

You have seen that there is a wide variety of cheddar cheeses; the unique side of Orange cheddars is that they are colored with a natural dye called annatto. They are quite smoother as compared to other cheddar cheeses.

Canadian cheddars

Like Orange cheddar cheese, Canadian cheddar cheese is smoother. They maintain a balance of sharpness and flavor. Canadian cheddars are prepared in different flavor. The flavor is chosen based on the age of the cheddar.

Jurassic sharp cheddar

Jurassic sharp cheddar is one of the cheddars that are facing extension. If you have not tasted it yet, get it from anywhere immediately before it is gone. As the name indicates, the Jurassic sharp cheddar cheese is the sharpest tasting cheddar cheese out there. This type of cheese is mostly consumed with snacks and macaroni, or as crackers, paired with wine.

You have seen the various types of the cheddar cheeses and their specialties. While certain types of cheddars are hard to prepare, there are many other types that can easily be prepared. Get an easiest cheddar cheese recipe and try to prepare it at home. But if you do not have the time to spare, buy your favorite cheese variant from a local grocery store or from an online cheese shop.