About Mozzarella Cheese Made From Water Buffalo’s Milk

Mozzarella cheeses are grouped into two types; low-moisture cheese and high-moisture cheese. The type of Mozzarella cheese you use with each dish can make a big difference to its taste.

Both low moisture Mozzarella cheese and high moisture Mozzarella cheese are made from Mozzarella stretching curd. But, different methods are used for their preparation. As far as the raw material, the milk, is concerned, both cow’s milk and water buffalo’s milk are used.

The Mozzarella cheese and Mozzarella curds made from the milk of water buffalo is called Mozzarella di bufala. Normally, the milk is pasteurized before it is used for the preparation of Mozzarella cheeses. However, it is not a mandatory process in Italy.

Mozzarella di bufala

There are diverse opinions as to when folks started to use the milk of water buffalo to prepare Mozzarella stretching curd. One of the major opinions is that the Italians brought the water buffalo to the western world from Asia in the 16th century. The western countries identified the health properties of water buffalo’s milk, and found that buffalo milk was appropriate for making cheese.

The cheese made from water buffalo milk is quite sweet and creamy. It has a lily-white color. Also, as the water buffalo milk was not easy to digest, Italian people used most of the milk they got for the preparation of Mozzarella stretching curd.

Although water buffalos produce more milk than cow, there are only a few people, who appreciate that. Consequently, the milk from water buffalo is priced higher than cow’s milk. Nonetheless, there is huge demand for the dairy products made from water buffalo’s milk. It is believed that water buffalo’s milk is healthier and more nutritional.

The dairy products made from the milk of water buffalo such as Mozzarella cheese, Mozzarella stretching curd, butter, etc., are tastier than the same made from cow’s milk. Nonetheless, it is very important to ensure that you consume buffalo milk products as fresh. When they get older, they tend to taste differently.

Today, there are a variety of Mozzarella cheeses and curds made from water buffalo’s milk. You can buy them from the local cheese shops or order online.