Few Tips for Gin and Cheese Pairing

All of us love spirits and we like to experiment and explore them with different varieties of cheese. The exceptional taste offered by Gin and cheese pairing has encouraged us to try many different cheese products with Gin. Below are a few tips to help you to make an amazing Gin and cheese pairing.

Sheep Cheese

Many food lovers from all around the world claim that Gin goes perfectly with cheese made from sheep milk. A cheese product with higher fat content is undoubtedly the perfect pairing with the hard alcohol Gin. Also, try to choose a cheese with herbaceous notes, as it will not be destroyed by juniper-forward Gin.

Gin Cocktail

Most of the soft cheese generally requires a caress in either the form of bubbly or bitters. Food experts highly recommend French 75 with soft cheese, as they both make an exceptional pair. French 75 cocktail is prepared using lemon, Gin, Champagne, and simple syrup.

Pink Gin

If you are planning to pair cheese products with “Pink Gin”, then you will initially have to pour the drink into a glass filled with ice, and then add a lemon peel and a few bits of bitters into it. Once you finished with that, rim the glass using oil and drop it into your glass. The flavors will melt gradually and makes it perfect with cheese.

Different Varieties of Gins

It is essential to keep the ingredients balanced, if you want to make an exceptional pairing. So, try to find flavors that will highlight your cheese along with the hard alcohol. Rowhouse Gin is a lovely, delicious alcohol product, which offers a chamomile taste and pairs excellently with the soft and delicious Valley Milkhouse Cheese. Saint George and Bar hill are other Gin products that are great with cheese.

Add Honey to the Pairing

Honey is an excellent agent, which unites cheese and wine. Honey is especially recommended while pairing Gin with a salty cheese. Herbaceous honey products such as rosemary, lavender, and thyme go well with Gin and cheese pairing. You can make your pairing even more delicious by adding a few roasted hazelnuts or almonds, with a bit of sea salt and olive oil.