BBQ Grillin’ Cheese

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Milk Type: Cow
Age: < 3 months
Texture: Semi-Hard
Suggested Wine Pairing: Riesling
Suggested Beer Pairing: IPA
Suggested Fruit Pairing: Strawberries, Grapes, and Pears
Suggested Meat Pairing: Chicken, Pork Sausage, Beef

Say hello to the future of grilling… Introducing Golden Age’s newest creation, Grillin’ Cheese!  We’ve created a high-temperature cheese that is made to be cooked right on your grill or stovetop and enjoyed hot!  Grillin’ Cheese was specially designed with a 400-degree melting point, which means instead of melting like many other cheeses, Grillin’ Cheese will finish with beautiful grill marks and a nice outer char layer and can be used in any way you’d use other cooked proteins- sliced, diced, skewered, put over salads, in a sandwich, or enjoyed all on its own!  Grillin’ Cheese comes in four delicious and uniquely crafted flavors- Buffalo Wing, Barbeque, Italian, and Jalapeño .

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