Below you will find the simple steps involved in stretching fresh Mozzarella cheese at home.
Begin by putting Mozzarella curd into a large mixing bowl, and cut the mozzarella curd into small pieces.
Next heat the water to 140-150 degrees and pour it gently over the small pieces of curd.
Now let the curd sit in the hot water until it is soft enough to start forming back together. Perform this step using a large knife or spoon to gently mass the softened curd back to one solid piece.
If the water is not too hot and the curd has formed into one solid piece, start to stretch it by letting the curd stretch downward with its own weight (you may want to wear rubber gloves to protect you from heat). It’s important to stretch it very gently so you will not lose too much butterfat. Continue by letting the cheese fall and stretch with its own weight, and then fold the Mozzarella back over itself. Repeat this process until the cheese has a smooth surface.
Depending on how you want to serve your Mozzarella; form the cheese into a smooth ball if slicing and eating or serving in Caprese Salad, or if you would like to make a meat and cheese roll, spread the cheese evenly into a flat square piece.
Option 1
If stretching into Mozzarella ball(s), then immediately place Mozzarella into ice water (let it sit in the water for five to ten minutes). After the cheese has been cooled down properly, the cheese is ready to be refrigerated or served!
**Sprinkle salt into ice water or on the cheese to meet desired taste preference**
Option 2
If stretching the Mozzarella and making a cheese and meat roll, place your favorite deli meats on the flat piece and roll tightly. Once the cheese is rolled tightly wrap it in cellophane and refrigerate (for at least ten to twenty minutes). Once cheese has been cooled properly, it is ready to be served.
**Sprinkle salt onto flat piece of cheese to meet desired taste preference**
Serve the freshly stretched Mozzarella by itself or however desired. Try it with fresh tomatoes, basil, and oregano, complimented by drizzling olive oil lightly over top; an Italian Specialty.
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Below you can also watch a live demonstration of stretching Mozzarella via our sponsored Youtube video