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Golden Age Cheese

Old School 18 Year Aged Cheddar

Old School 18 Year Aged Cheddar

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1 LB (16 oz.)

Milk Type: Cow
Age: 18+ Years
Texture: Semi-Hard
Suggested Wine Pairing: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chianti Suggested Beer Pairing: IPA/ 2X IPA
Suggested Fruit Pairing: Apples, Grapes, and Pears
Suggested Meat Pairing: Roast Beef, Salami, and Summer Sausage

Just pulled from the aging shelf, the newest (well, oldest) addition to the Golden Age lineup... meet the Old School!  This white cheddar has aged 18 long years and upon tasting, we felt it was time to share it with the world!

This incredibly complex cheddar starts sharp but quickly smooths in texture and mouthfeel to reveal notes of butter, toasted nuts, and toasted caramel, then lingers on the tongue...  tasting experience!  Pairs wonderfully with apples, grapes, red meat, thinly sliced cured meats, a semi-sweet white, or a soft red wine. 
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