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Golden Age Cheese

Rip Van's Reserve, 20 Year Aged Cheddar

Rip Van's Reserve, 20 Year Aged Cheddar

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1 LB (16 oz.)

Milk Type: Cow
Age: 20+ Years 
Texture: Semi-Hard
Suggested Wine Pairing: Reisling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti                       Suggested Beer Pairing: Session IPA, Pilsner, Kolsch, American Lager
Suggested Fruit Pairing: Fig, Olives, Blueberries, Mild Citrus
Suggested Meat Pairing: Summer Sausage, Salami, Pork Belly/ Pancetta


Just like the character himself, this hand-crafted, white cheddar was left to slumber (happily on our aging shelf) 20 years ago, only to awaken in 2024 as Golden Age Cheese's newest and oldest offering!  "Rip Van's Reserve" is a meticulously aged, white, New York Cheddar that shows its true age and maturity in each bite!

This cheddar fronts with sharpness and a flash of acidity and bitters, then quickly smooths in texture and mouthfeel to reveal notes of burnt caramel and heavy cream.  Significant presence of Calcium Lactate (mildly salty, white crystallization found on the outside of well-aged cheeses) and Tyrosine Crystals (the sought-after, sweetly acidic crystallization found inside the cheese).

Two decades in the making, don't sleep on Rip Van's Reserve!


Enjoy at room temperature.

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